About: Pigeon River Farm

Established in 2003, Pigeon River Farm is a Braun Family owned and farmed 50-acre Organically-Operated facility located on the southern branch of the Pigeon River near Clintonville in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.  Our Premium Soil is our growing foundation.  Our Mission at Pigeon River Farm is to respect both land and nature through our organic farming practices.  We are committed to the health of people and our environment.  It is important to us to use safe and sustainable farming practices to ensure that the land we farm is just as productive for our children and grandchildren as it is today.  As parents and grandparents, we understand the importance of our foods nutritional value and our role as caretakers for the future of the land.

We strive to raise the healthiest food for our family and yours by ensuring our farming practices are

safe and sustainable for our fields, gardens, and our barnyard.  Our focus is on Grass-Fed Artisan Beef,  pastured, free-range broiler chickens, and Golden Rich Pasture-Raised Eggs.  We also raise goat and sheep, and we grow a wide variety of non-GMO vegetables.

Our bird flocks roam, graze, and socialize on the wide-open expanse of the farm.  Fed with our blend of organic grains, grown right here on the farm, we take pride in raising our brood as Mother Nature intended.  No artificial preservatives, no growth hormones, no animal by-products, and of course no GMO’s are used in any part of our production.  With the freedom to free roam and never caged and never force-fed, Pigeon River Farm birds are naturally strong and healthy.    The premium flavor and superior nutrition of Pigeon River Farm poultry and eggs is something we are very proud of.  Our premium quality poultry and eggs are perfect for “Grandmas Chicken Soup ” or any wholesome recipe, bringing back the true health benefits of our food supply and our environment.    We have been greatly blessed with the natural beauty and the bounty that surrounds us and would love to share that with you on our journey.  Please continue with the tour of our farm starting with the Pigeon River Farm History.  Learn more about who we are, what we do, and what we can do for you.    Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or to order any of our products. You can also check out and join our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.    Thank you for joining us today.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!  Robert & Kim Braun